5 solutions implemented to prevent drug-related crimes (18/02/2011)

Implementation of prevention and drug-related crimes in the 2006-2010 period, the police force in the country are concentrating on the five groups of measures including:

May Human Action on Drug Control (6-2007): The country focus of peak drug prevention (03/02/2011)

According to the Decision of the Prime Minister, since 2001, in June each year is considered the "Month of Action on Drug Control. " This time, the country is concentrating on prevention of peak drug as directed by the Government.

Three injured as police arrest drug trafficking groups. (14/02/2011)

Am 26 / 5, heading through the forest trafficking "white death" had opened fire on the scouts are tight siege that three policemen were shot

Drug addiction drug (17/02/2011)

Like many places in the world, in our country of drug addicts use heroin (also known as heroin, "white goods"). Heroin is the drug "strong", addictive very quickly, just try it once was and can be addictive when addiction, if you...

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Propagation effects of drugs for youth


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